From walking to Hungary to surprises in Bulgaria

To all who are reading, I am sorry I have not kept up with posting more regularly. Whether it has been issues with getting internet, or just literally having no time from when I get home and put my head on the pillow, life has been incredible, and busy.

To start off, I am out of Kosovo now, and God blessed me incredibly there. I made some friendships, and it was cool to see Kortni again as well. Two days we went to the daycare, that was a blast! Has anyone ever seen the Cosby Show episode where Bill is giving the kids at the party “horse rides” on his knee? Well that was me the second day of our time at the daycare! The kids absolutely loved it-so did I!

Next was Slovakia, where I was involved in an english camp for kids. I was given the opportunity to teach the seventh class (12 year olds). That was a whole new experience. I was totally ill prepared my first day, but the kids were gracious and content enough to play hangman and Simon Says all the first day.

I got to see Jana Jurcova, a lady Joyce and Jo Ann both know, who I have also met before. Seeing her again was really cool, and she gave us the rundown on Stôla, the little town we were teaching in. I stayed in Poprad however, and stayed with an Englishman out of all people. Who would have ever guessed!

Then we stayed in Rusovce, right outside of Bratislava with Kelly and Sherri Fath. Here we got to look around Bratislava and see a couple castles, and walk around the city. This was a huge blessing as we could sit back and just look at our trip and how God has been moving.

Then, we walked to Hungary. Our car broke down and it was getting dark and we had all of our luggage. We were in the middle of the “highway” searching for home and went the wrong way and ended up in Hungary after hours of walking. Ok, no not really. Hungary was about a 5-10 minute drive from the Faths house, which at a slow pace was about a 2 hour walk that we took . The road was a boring one, however how cool is it to say you walked from one country to the next?

Anyways, I then had my flight to Bulgaria. We went to Vienna early and walked around the city, rode the subway and again got to see how beautiful the city was. Then I had my first flight on my own, from Vienna to Sofia.

I was a little bit nervous, but thankfully made it all right. When arriving in Bulgaria the passport control man for me was quite slow, and then the baggage reclaim was even slower–at this point it is around 11 pm, so I was pretty exhausted.

Once all of that was in order I met with David and Penny Winget and took a drive to their apartment which is so bare! However The Lord really provided and it had what we needed. It had a shower, toilet, sink, stove and refrigerator and some beds and a little other furniture. All we really needed was here.

After getting settled in, hoping I can sleep in and catch up on some sleep I am told they are planning on a 8:30 breakfast and 9:00 leave. Ouch. But The Lord provides, and yours truly is writing this post before we leave. I slept fine, and am nervous but anxious for whatever else God has for my time here!!

Please please keep praying for me! I truly do need and appreciate the prayers!


So It Begins

Detroit. Check in. Security. Get stopped. Terminal and gate. Sit and wait. Board my first plane. 8 hour flight. Germany. Security. Get stopped again. Go to the polar opposite side of the airport for the gate and terminal. Overpriced water. Loud kids. No sleep. Delayed flight. Board the second plane. Get lunch, sleep for an hour. Big mistake–feel worse than when I hadn’t slept at all. Arrive in Pristina. Customs. Baggage claim. Meet up with our contact. Freedom! We made it. After about an hour car ride (at the most) we made it to Mitrovica. Busy day. Tried some awesome foods already, and have been graced by God already. Pretty nervous, but having a good time meeting up with friends, and beginning the trip.

Less than a WEEK

Less than a week until I head out! Six days to be exact (not that I am counting or anything). I feel ill prepared, and unequipped. Which is a bad thing at first glance. I have had some time to be able to get prepared, but still haven’t gotten everything ready yet. I have been working a good amount, but that is no excuse, that is the life of an adult. I am technically an adult I guess, I am graduated from Highschool and am 18, but I am definitely a young adult lacking much experience. Anyways, feeling ill prepared is a hard feeling to swallow. But, on the other hand there is hope. I am broken, and in great need. This is when God is proven to be strong and all sovereign. I pray and hope this is His plan–that he sends me out, I become ill prepared but willing to just go, and then he blows the doors off by doing who knows what with his God-awesome power and plan. Continue to pray with me as this is my first time doing anything like this, and pray God would continue to provide!

Thank you all, and more updates coming again!

In Christ,

Luke Harris

The Great Commission. To Live is Christ to Die is Gain. I've been sent! Europe 2014.